Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Favre saga over? Don't bet on it

Well, I went to bed knowing he was still retired and I woke up to the news that he's still retired. Is he really? Wait am I dreaming? Much to my surprise, I wasn't. Thank God that this saga is over. Or is it? Only Favre himself can know that and he for sure will let us know. At the perfect timing of course. Or would it be imperfect timing? I bet the Minnesota Vikings could answer that question. Right before training camp, Favre makes his decision not to go through the grind of camps and the daily grind of the NFL. I get that, but it's pretty convenient that he told the Vikings right before camp started. Did he make up his mind a few weeks ago and stall on purpose? Only Favre knows.

Being a Chicago Bears fan for over a decade, I've watched Favre rip my heart out plenty of times. Needless to say, I have a love/hate relationship with Favre. I love him as a quaterback, a football player and a person. He plays his guts out on every down and I respect that very much. With that said, I think Favre's decision or should I say, indecision to come back has gone on a little too long. I get it, it's good TV, but come on already. Favre, do yourself a favor. Stay. Retired. Already. Lace up the old sneakers, throw some ranglers on, and play pickup games until your bones don't move anymore. Thanks for the memories Favre. Some not so great for me. See above. Enjoy retirement. You'll always be a badass in my book.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vick making it rain the first day of freedom?

Now I know he hasn't seen nor even caught scent of a woman for the past two years of his life, but if these rumors are true, Michael Vick can kiss his already conflicted football career, goodbye. There is absolutely no reason he should be anywhere near strip clubs, dogs, or anything that remotely resembles trouble. In short, just stay down Vick. You call yourself rehabilitated and ready to start over. Well, start by saving your non existing money by not spending it on Trixie or Mountain at the local strip club. Adam "Pacman" Jones think you're out of line. I mean even Jones knows when not to be "rebellion."

I am a believer in second chances in life, but when you say one thing and completely act the opposite, that says a lot about your character. Roger Goodell already has little patience with you and this isn't helping the matter. Vick, do yourself a favor and continue to make good with PETA, get a job as a dog walker, and just stay the hell out of the news. The only time you should be in the news, is at the presser when you're hopefully re-instated.